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By Dr. R. Wysong

The origin of life debate has been popularly divided into two distinct choices, religion and evolution. This site will prove that the assumption that the truth lies with one or the other is false.

The origin of life question is not of just religious, scientific, or academic interest. Where we came from has everything to do with where we are going. I am reminded of a cable television show on home building. In one segment a new tool or device is put before several of the hosts for them to guess what it is and then describe its purpose. Without understanding its purpose, there is no hope of it being used appropriately. We too are like a tool. Until we understand the reason for our origin we cannot know our purpose. If we guess wrong, we operate wrong.

Belief regarding the origin of life is thus the foundation to our philosophical approach to life. If we are the product of matter and natural laws only, that most certainly impacts how we think and behave. If we are the product of intelligent intention, that most certainly impacts how we think and behave as well. Thinking and behaving is the very definition of life. The belief of society and its leaders regarding the origin of life lies at the very root of the disastrous ethical, terrorist, social, political, and health problems that impact hundreds of millions of lives today. We obviously have not gotten it right.

Surprisingly, there are no courses in universities, journals, or books that address the subject even handedly. Everyone comes to the table with an agenda. I have spent almost a half century as an autodidact pondering, studying, researching, thinking I had it solved, learning I did not, giving up, writing, and teaching about the origin of life. I have held beliefs all over the board. It was not until I resolved to trust only my own conscience and reasoning ability that the truth began to crystallize. In this site and its resources, I will share this journey with you.

The origin of life is a problem that can be solved by any person with an open and inquiring one. That's because the answer does not lie in a in a new biopoiesis experiment, scientific discovery, or a holy book, but in our state of mind. This site and its links will provide the tools to help you in that process.

Consider this. It doesn't matter how far out we can place a decimal point; our sciences are all about things, not where such things ultimately came from or why they came into existence. Even the famous origin of life experiments by Miller, Urey, Haldane, Fox and others creating amino acids, microspheres and the like start with given materials (not to mention the interjection of intelligence). This fact should nag any alert and inquiring mind.